The Maritime Association of Harness Dog Sports exists to support recreational, competitive and professional harness dog sport endeavours across Canada’s three maritime provinces while working in collaboration with other provincial, regional, national or international partners to develop and practice our sports in community with others.

We abide by the mission statement and bylaws of the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports.

What we do:


  • Aid and support regional clubs
  • Connect harness dog sports enthusiasts throughout the region
  • Provide a centralized body for the standardization of harness dog sports practices and regulations


  • We will provide a race official and support for the organization of accredited/approved events
  • Standardize the organization and conduct of races to ensure the safety and security of participants and spectators at events
  • Create a provincial racing circuit with an accredited standard of organizational quality which will assess cumulative points and provide a provincial ranking
  • Support the organization of regional races especially for organizations that are in their infancy
  • Approved races will:
    • Abide by the race guidelines and regulations and code of conduct approved by MAHDS

Knowledge sharing:

  • Promote knowledge sharing between members and various harness dog sports
  • Work with national and international harness dog sports bodies to promote, develop and sustain harness dog sports in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island
  • Establishment of mentoring programs for those starting out in harness dog sports and those looking to pass on their knowledge and experience
  • Establishment of clinics / presentations / training

Goals and Projects:

  • First and foremost, canine and human safety and well being
  • Ensure the sustainability of the sport
  • Promotion of harness dog sports in NS, NB, PEI
  • Identify areas where harness dog sports can be practiced safely
  • Long term, the MAHDS will develop further athlete and team opportunities with the assistance of experienced harness dog sports coaches, trainers, and competitors

If you are an event organizer or manager of a harness dog sports club and you are interested in becoming actively involved in MAHDS, please contact us at